1. General Terms
Welcome to the sales website www.finebrilliant.com (hereinafter: “the Website”) that is operated by Fine Brilliant which offices are at 3 Jabotinsky St. Ramat Gan at the Diamond Exchange.
You are invited to enter the Company’s virtual store, in order to observe, be impressed and purchase. The purchases in the website are done by credit card or by payment in cash. The usage of the Website and the purchases via it are subjected to the terms specified in the regulations. You need to carefully read the regulations before using the Website or purchasing via it. The Website is only intended for the purposes of observation, information, purchasing and personal use of the internet browsers. Please carefully read the regulations since every purchase via the Website attests to your consent to the terms included in these regulations.
All of the intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademarks (either registered or not) in the content of the Website, its design, the photographs and the designs of the jewelry belong to Mazor Diamonds. It is totally forbidden to copy, replicate, distribute or change in any way the information that appears in the Website.
Mazor Diamonds puts a lot of efforts in the designs of the jewelry that appear in the Website. It is totally forbidden to copy or imitate the jewelry that appears in the Website. Every copy or imitation of the jewelry is an infringement of Mazor Diamond’s intellectual property rights, and it exposes the copier or imitator to a lawsuit.
The Pictures that appear in the Website are jewelry that shall be sold to you. However, there may be slight differences between the way the product actually looks and the way it looks in the photograph. The purchaser is invited to observe the product at Mazor Diamonds’ offices. In any such event, Mazor Diamonds shall not be liable for the differences.
All of the gold jewels that are offered in the Website by Mazor Diamonds that are intended for diamond settings shall be sold when the diamonds are set in them according to the specification of the characteristics of the diamonds that appears in the Website. It may be that other gemological institutes shall rank the diamonds offered for sale by Mazor Diamonds up to two ranks (color, cleanness and cut) near what appears in the specification in the Website or in the certificate regarding the characteristics of the diamonds. The jewels that appear in the Website are unique and handmade, and they are customarily and specially made for the client according to his demands. Therefore you can’t cancel an order after it was requested and pay for. The Company does not oblige to update the Website at all times regarding jewels that are not in the inventory.
The information that appears in the Website is only for purposes for appreciation and purchase. Mazor Diamonds maintains all of its rights to alter the information as needed. Also, Mazor Diamonds does not oblige to update at all times the information that appears on the Website. In addition, Mazor Diamonds maintains the right to alter without any prior notice the prices of the items that appear on the Website and the determinative price is the price in the Company’s price list while executing the order.
While surfing in the Website or registering to it in order to receive certain services, the Company may send to your computer “cookie” type files. You may refuse to receive the cookies or accept only certain cookie files by personally adjusting your computer. It may be that cancelling the receipt of the cookies will cause certain components in the Website to be unavailable or unusable.
Under no circumstances, shall Mazor Diamonds, its managers, or anybody on its behalf be liable or incur any duty that is directly or indirectly related to the use of the Website or the information that appears in it. In addition, Mazor Diamonds is not liable as to the use of other websites that link the user to this website. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel. Any dispute that is directly or indirectly related to the terms of this agreement and to the use of the Website shall be exclusively deliberated in the court of the district of Tel-Aviv-Yafo.
The terms mentioned above oblige all of the browsers in the website. If you do not agree to them, then you should avoid using the Website.
For additional inquires you can address the representatives of Mazor Diamonds through the Website at “contact”, through phone number 0722825111 or through fax number 0722825112.

2. Purchases
The Website shall include the purchase of polished diamonds, the purchase of raw diamonds, the purchase of embedded jewels, the purchase of customary jewels, and every other service that is offered by Mazor Diamonds. Whoever performs an action in the Website hereby declares that he is aware of the Website’s regulations and of the rules in order to participate in the Website, and he accepts them, and he nor anybody on his behalf shall have any claim or demand against Mazor Diamond or against anybody on its behalf.
Any Israeli citizen that has turned 18 or of any country that has diplomatic/financial relationships with the State of Israel and owns a valid credit card of one of the Israeli credit card companies and/or of an international credit card company that is worldly accepted is entitled to purchase via the Website.The participation is conditioned by registering to the Website and submitting the full, accurate and precise personal details. Any information that is submitted shall be privileged and protected. Mazor Diamonds obliges to keep in secrecy the information of the browsers in the Website and of those who purchase via it. Any information that is gathered by Mazor Diamond is received knowingly and consensually by the user who submitted this information. The information shall be kept only in Mazor Diamonds’ privileged and secured database. The collected information shall not be submitted to any third party unless Mazor Diamonds is required to do so according to the law.
Mazor Diamonds maintains the right to limit and/or block browsers whose behavior is inappropriate and/or who are trying to harm the proper management of the Website and/or the sales in the Website. In addition, Mazor Diamonds maintains the right to block or cancel the purchase of browsers that shall deliberately submit false details and/or perform an action or neglect that harms or may harm the Company and/or somebody on its behalf and/or performed an act that contravenes the law, and/or he is of possession of a credit card that has been blocked or its use has been restricted and/or he breached the terms of the regulations.
The purchaser needs to fill a form that includes different details in order to register the purchase. These details include inter alia: a surname, and first name, address, details of the credit card, phone number, e-mail address, year of birth and details pertaining to the purchase. Failure to submit all of the requested details may prevent the transaction or have it cancelled. Mazor Diamond does its best to preserve the information and it shall not use it except for the purposes specified in these regulations.
It is totally forbidden to knowingly enter false and/or inaccurate details. Mazor Diamonds maintains the right to commence legal procedures against the submitters of false details due to damages that shall be caused or may be caused to Mazor Diamonds or anybody on its behalf.
Mazor Diamonds shall not deal with purchases that were not received in its computers, or that have partially or disruptively been received in its computers, or if all of the required details have not been filled out. These conditions shall apply even if the source of the malfunction is in the Company’s computers. In order for any purchase to be updated in the system, it needs to be properly and orderly received in Mazor Diamonds’ computers when it contains all of the requested details. The purchase that is received in this system receives a serial number. However, the acceptance of such a number does not confirm the receipt of the purchase, since such an acceptance is subjected to different examinations that the Company performs in order to verify the purchaser’s details.
If for any reason, the credit card company refuses to honor your obligation, then your purchase shall be cancelled, the product shall not be supplied to you, and you shall be charged with cancellation fees according to the Consumer Protection Law.

3. Manner of Payment and Supplying the Product
An acquirement via the Website that is confirmed by Mazor Diamonds is a purchase of the product that obliges the purchaser with the full amount for the product in addition to every additional payment including shipping fees and handling fees as specified in the details of the sale. The amount that needs to be paid shall be charged via the purchaser’s credit card.
The purchasers are those who determine the manner of transportation and supply according to the options that are mentioned. The product shall be supplied by having it personally picked up or by a currier. Mazor Diamonds maintains the right to personally inform the purchaser that it is unable to deliver the product to a certain area, inter alia because it is a dangerous area. In such an event, the purchaser shall be charged with the shipping fees, and the product shall be submitted to him at the gathering point that shall be determined by Mazor Diamonds.
While coordinating the supply, you shall be requested to be present at the place and time of delivery, and you shall be requested to present the purchaser’s identification card according to the order. The fulfillment of this demand is a condition for the submission of the product. If you are unable to be present at the time of the delivery, please inform the Company in writing who is authorized on your behalf to accept the product, and during the acceptance of the product, your representative shall submit a power of attorney together with the purchaser’s identification card. The delivery shall be performed only after the credit card company confirms the transaction.

4. Date of Delivery
If the product is in the inventory, then unless Mazor Diamonds specifically stated that it may take the Company a longer time to make the product that was specially ordered, the delivery shall arrive within 21 work days from the time the credit card company confirms the transaction that was executed by the purchaser of the product via the Website or at our office.
After the credit card company confirms the transaction, the purchaser shall be charged with the full amount of the transaction. An order for a product that is customarily made by Mazor Diamonds shall be irrevocable from the time the transaction was confirmed by the credit card company, and the client shall be charged with 35% of the sum of the final transaction, and he will be charged with the remainder when the product is submitted.
Mazor Diamond does not grant any warranty to jewels that were damaged due to negligent use or misuse by the purchaser.
Since gold is a material of soft hardness, the jewel might change its shape, especially if it gets hit. In addition, during the years, the jewel may incur a reasonable wear and tear. Therefore, in order to avoid any inconvenience, you need to examine the jewel from time to time to prevent the diamond from falling. In such an event, you need to address a qualified jeweler immediately, and you should not wear the jewel if there is suspicion that the diamond had moved. Mazor Diamonds can repair its products as much as possible in exchange for a payment that shall be determined according to the complexity of the repair.

5. Miscellaneous
Mazor Diamonds maintains the right to alter from time to time these regulations and the purchase rules that are mentioned in these regulations. The only rules that shall oblige those who perform actions in the Website are those that are published in Website’s regulations.
The registration and the receipt of your purchase in our computers shall be conclusive evidence as to the correctness of the registrations that Mazor Diamonds shall handle according to these regulations.
The terms of the regulations apply both to women and to men.
All of the transactions that are performed within the State of Israel shall be charged with VAT according to the current rate. Transactions that are performed outside the State of Israel shall be exempted of VAT.
The diamond or the product that shall be sold to the purchaser are according to the characteristics chosen by the purchaser and according to the attached certificate, if such a certificate is attached. The purchaser shall not have any claim against Mazor Diamonds or against anybody on its behalf.
You need to inform of cancellation of the supply up to 48 hours before the coordinated date. If no prior notice is given, and the delivery is executed at the coordinated date without the purchaser or his representative present, then the purchaser shall be charged for this delivery.
Mazor Diamonds wishes you a pleasant purchase!.

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