How gold created in nature

Since ancient times, gold was considered valuable and was used for trade: Gold coins were common and acceptable and were used like we use banknotes. Gold has been and remains a symbol of wealth, and jewelry, beauty items, religious objects and other valuables were made from it. We hear a lot about white gold, yellow gold and different qualities of gold, but what do all those terms mean and where does the gold actually comes from or how it was created? That and more, in the following article.

To begin with, gold is a metallic element found in nature, and it has some features that differentiate and distinguish it. Like all metal, it has electrical conductivity, but gold has an extremely high conductivity, which also makes him popular in the progressive electronics industry. While other metals oxidized in contact with air and corrosion is formed, gold reveals high resistance to corrosion.

The question of how is gold created in nature bothered scientists for a long time and remained a mystery. Scientists have been speculating that gold came from outer space, in cases where dying stars collided with each other and created huge explosions and special conditions that could have led to the formation of gold. Progress in scientific research and new observations that are made using advanced telescopes support the hypothesis that gold came from outer space. Over the years, gold came down to earth on meteors that hit earth.

Gold is a soft metal so that in ancient times people were biting gold coins to make sure that it is indeed gold. The gold’s soft feature creates a problem when you want to make jewelry and other valuables out of it, so it is customary to mix it with other metals (alloys). When you mix gold with white metals such as palladium, nickel or zinc, you obtain alloy that is known as white gold. This mixture has a yellowish tint, and therefore it is covered with rhodium, which gives it the white spark.

To get the look of yellow gold it is customary to mix gold with copper and some silver, and then you will get the classic look of yellow gold. There are various compounds of yellow gold, but the way to measure the quality of the gold is by the amount of gold found in the mixture. The gold quality scale starts at 9 to 24 carats. 24 carats is pure gold, but it is not customarily used because of its softness. 9 cartas is the lowest concentration of gold, 9 carats jewelry is jewelry that has only 37.5% gold. As one rises in the level of carat, the higher the concentration of the gold, for example, 18 carat gold is a mixture that has 75% gold.

What is an ounce of gold?
An ounce of gold is an ancient unit of measurement, equal to about 31 grams or so. The exact weight is 31.1034768 grams. The prices in the gold market are still denominated in the price for an ounce of gold, but the entire world adopted the metric system and it is more convenient to translate the price per grams (simply divide the price of an ounce of gold by 31.1034768).

Marks and levels of purity of gold
9 carat gold, 37.5% pure gold, purity mark: “375”
14 carat gold, 58.5% pure gold, purity mark: “585”
18 carat gold, 75% pure gold, purity mark: “750”
21 carat gold, 87.5% pure gold, purity mark: “875”
22 carat gold, 91.7% pure gold, purity mark: “917”
24 carat gold, 99.9% pure gold, purity mark: “999”

· According to the law, gold jewelry must be marked with the trademark of gold purity on the inside of the ring or by the clasp of the jewelry.


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